Why Do We Want to Create A New Kind of Derivatives Exchange?

The crypto trading space has evolved extremely fast over the last several years, but it is still in its infancy with lots of room to grow and improve.  In particular, decentralized exchanges have only recently become available in the marketplace. Our mission is to create the world’s fastest, most complete, easiest to use and most customer-responsive exchange available to traders, an exchange that is in alignment with the principles and promises of a decentralized financial infrastructure.  We want to continue to innovate and evolve to continually provide a better, more complete trading experience. And we want this to be a superior experience for all traders from the newest newbie to the most veteran, experienced pro traders.

How do we plan to do this? By listening to our customers. And providing the experience they desire. We have already augmented our team’s vast personal knowledge of trading by completing in-depth surveys and 1-on-1 interviews with hundreds of pro traders to learn exactly what they want in an exchange.   We have listened carefully and are building a next generation exchange unlike anything else that has come before. 

Why a DEX?

At a high level, what we are building is a decentralized, order book-based derivatives exchange.  We chose this model because we believe the DEX approach brings more benefits to our traders.  This provide our customers with both low latency as well as ease of access, non-custody and trustless execution.

With the help of our Layer 2 partner Starkware, we will provide a faster, more streamlined experience from the moment traders start their onboarding. This includes the ease and comfort of using your Metamask wallet (and, going forward, other ETH compatible wallets) to access our exchange. 

We have also forged a founding alliance with liquidity providers to help us maintain liquidity advantages compared to existing exchanges and enable us to provide a larger stable of trading pairs. This means, of course, tight spreads and deep books from Day One. And we are committed to expanding our offering, bringing on the latest tokens based on customer demand. 

Our onboarding experience will remain fast, simple and streamlined with tips and tutorials for those who wish to take advantage of them.  

Close Partnership With Our Traders

Another goal in our mission to stay ahead of the market, will be to provide best-in-class tokenomics and rewards mechanisms from the ground up. We are confident our best-in-class trading reward system will keep our traders engaged and committed to trading with us.

Unlike many other exchanges which are primarily focused on how to squeeze the most revenue out of their customers, we want this to be a partnership with our traders. We want you to provide us with honest, actionable feedback. And we in turn promise to respond quickly with innovative solutions to your suggested improvements. Together, let’s build a new chapter in the history of financial markets. 

Traders interested in participating in GammaX’s beta launch can sign up here.

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