GammaX Exchange Community Call #16 Recap

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GammaX Exchange held its sixteenth community call on March 15th, at 3:30 PM UTC. We want to thank everyone who attended the event live on our Discord, and if you missed it, below is a quick recap of what transpired.

Trading Competition Is Live

The newest GammaX Trading Competition is now live! The competition will run from Monday, March 6th to Sunday, April 3rd on our Testnet exchange – eligible to all registered users on Testnet.

The top 5 traders with the highest PNL at the end of the competition period will be declared winners. The prizes for the top 5 traders are as follows:

  • First place: $150
  • Second place: $100
  • Third place: $50
  • Fourth place: $50
  • Fifth place: $50

Winners will be announced on Thursday, April 7th in our Discord server as well as notified via email.

Trivia Night

The third edition of GammaX Trivia Night was announced on Wednesday, March 15th. The five fastest (and 100% correct) submissions received 500 Gamma Points while all other participants received 50 Gamma Points.

Please visit the #trivia channel in our Discord for more details and to see the trivia questions.

Closed Testnet

Those who attended the live call earned the limited opportunity to test our exchange, provide valuable feedback, and participate in our future trading competitions.

To ensure you don’t miss any other exclusive announcements, keep an eye on our Discord for our next call in the coming weeks.

NOTE: Answers to many of the recurring questions asked in our Discord can be found in our previous recap from Community Call #2

Be Part of Our Beta Launch

Traders interested in joining GammaX’s beta launch can sign up on our waitlist at Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server to stay updated with the latest community announcements and developments. 

And thank you for joining us as a part of the GammaX community!

About GammaX

GammaX is an order book-based decentralized derivatives exchange with an on-chain transaction settlement layer and an off-chain order book and matching engine to provide the best user experience. And to ensure Ethereum compatibility at a low cost, we’re partnering with StarkWare’s Layer 2 scaling solution.

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