GammaX Exchange Community Call #15 Recap

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GammaX Exchange held its fifteenth community call on March 1st, at 4:30 PM UTC. We want to thank everyone who attended the event live on our Discord, and if you missed it, below is a quick recap of what transpired.

Rewards Dashboard and Referrals

Our rewards platform is now officially available to everyone! All you need to do is sign up on our website, log into your account and start earning pre-token Gamma Points.

100 Gamma Points will be credited to your account once you join the rewards platform. You can earn additional points by referring people to our platform.  Here’s how you can see your referral code:

  1. Sign up on our website
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Click on your dashboard
  4. The referral link will show under your profile picture
  5. Copy and paste the link and share it with  your friends
  6. You will get rewarded once your friend has created their account on GammaX
  7. Please note that you are limited to two referrals per day to avoid bots and spam accounts

Now you can earn 400 Gamma Points by following us on Twitter. Log in to your dashboard to find out how. Points will only be rewarded once for each Twitter handle.

Profile Picture Contest

Here’s your chance to showcase your AI skills. The GammaX team has partnered with the AI image-generating tool BlueWillow enabling you to create the perfect graphic in seconds.

For a limited time, we are encouraging all community members to join the BlueWillow Discord server and create a brand new profile picture for their rewards account.

Participants will receive 150 Gamma Points and one randomly selected winner will receive an invitation to our closed Testnet, 1000 Gamma Points, as well as the exclusive ‘AIstocrat’ role.

Contest Rules:

  1. Join the Blue Willow server via the invite link provided in the #contest channel
  2. Create a new profile picture using the BW prompt and upload it to your rewards account
  3. Complete this form by March 8th at 11:59 PM UTC

We’ll also be rewarding the best meme that utilizes an image generated from BW. In order to participate please:

  1. Tweet your meme, include #AI, as well as tag @GammaX_Exchange
  2. Post your work in the #memes channel

One winner shall receive 250 Gamma Points, their art featured on our Twitter, as well as the decorated ‘Memester’ role!

Submissions will not be accepted after March 8th at 11:59 PM UTC.

Closed Testnet

Those who attended the live call earned the limited opportunity to test our exchange, provide valuable feedback, and participate in our future trading competitions.

To ensure you don’t miss any other exclusive announcements, keep an eye on our Discord for our next call in the coming weeks.

New Trading Competition

After much anticipation, we will be hosting a new trading competition with cash prizes next week! The competition rules will be announced in the #contest channel via Discord, so stay on the lookout for the official announcement in the coming week.

In order to ensure fairness, we will be resetting the balance associated with everyone’s wallet before competition ensues.

The Return of Hashstack

Vinay Kumar, founder and CEO of Hashstack, will join us again on Tuesday, March 7th at 5:00 PM UTC for the next episode of DeFined as they prepare for their Mainnet launch on Starknet.

Tune in for the latest developments surrounding Hashstack’s permissionless and decentralized money market protocol and its unique approach to undercollateralized borrowing.

NOTE: Answers to many of the recurring questions asked in our Discord can be found in our previous recap from Community Call #2

Be Part of Our Beta Launch

Traders interested in joining GammaX’s beta launch can sign up on our waitlist at Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server to stay updated with the latest community announcements and developments. 

And thank you for joining us as a part of the GammaX community!

About GammaX

GammaX is an order book-based decentralized derivatives exchange with an on-chain transaction settlement layer and an off-chain order book and matching engine to provide the best user experience. And to ensure Ethereum compatibility at a low cost, we’re partnering with StarkWare’s Layer 2 scaling solution.

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