GammaX Exchange Community Call #14 Recap

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GammaX Exchange held its fourteenth community call on February 15th at 4:30 PM UTC. We want to thank everyone who attended the event live on our Discord, and if you missed it, below is a quick recap of what transpired.

Mobile App and Upcoming Trading Competition

We would like to thank all testnet participants for your continued feedback and bug reports. Your efforts are directly helping build the future of derivatives trading. Many of you are logging on via mobile and the GammaX team has noticed. More details are to follow, but stay tuned for updates regarding the GammaX Mobile App!

NOTE: Those who submitted their testnet feedback form on/by February 10th will be credited their Gamma Points soon, your patience is greatly appreciated. 

Additionally, our team is finalizing the details for the next GammaX Trading Competition – eligible to all testnet participants. We will announce the details soon, so keep an eye on the announcement channel via our Discord

Meme Contest

Our next meme contest is here. Want to join in on the action? Please check out the contest rules to participate:

  1. Create a meme describing the crypto market right now
  2. Share it on your Twitter and tag @GammaX_Exchange – you can also drop your creation in the memes channel on our Discord server for everybody to see
  3. Make sure to share your masterpiece by Feb. 22nd at 11:59 PM UTC

The GammaX team will hand-pick the top meme. The winner will receive 500 Gamma Points as well as their art featured on the GammaX Twitter page!

The Next Episode of the DeFined Podcast

Mark your calendars! February 23rd at 7:00 PM UTC, via Twitter Spaces, we’ll be joined on the next episode of DeFined by the innovative trader, and creator of the “Waves & Particles Trading System”, Joe Mitoshi from CryptoSays. Join us as we uncover their unique approach to Technical Analysis.

Closed Testnet

Those who attended the live call earned the limited opportunity to test our exchange, provide valuable feedback, and participate in our future trading competitions.

To ensure you don’t miss any other exclusive announcements, keep an eye on our Discord for our next call in the coming weeks.

NOTE: Answers to many of the recurring questions asked in our Discord can be found in our previous recap from Community Call #2

Be Part of Our Beta Launch

Traders interested in joining GammaX’s beta launch can sign up on our waitlist at Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server to stay updated with the latest community announcements and developments. 

And thank you for joining us as a part of the GammaX community!

About GammaX

GammaX is an order book-based decentralized derivatives exchange with an on-chain transaction settlement layer and an off-chain order book and matching engine to provide the best user experience. And to ensure Ethereum compatibility at a low cost, we’re partnering with StarkWare’s Layer 2 scaling solution.

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