Why Did We Choose StarkWare?


The Starkware team is one of the strongest engineering teams in the blockchain L1/L2 space, as well as an early investor in GammaX. The technology, though relatively new, is much further along than any other ZK-Rollup on the market. In terms of scalability, ZK-Rollups work much better for exchange operations over Optimistic Rollups due to provably true transactions when they are posted, and layer 2’s scalability on Starkware enables any dApp to achieve much higher throughput at an increasingly cheaper cost per transaction compared to L1, while maintaining Ethereum’s composability and security. Starkware is able to handle up to $16 billion of daily volume without issue, comparable to the largest centralized exchanges. The smart contracts on Ethereum and Starkware for GammaX build on this foundation and are all finalized and audited.

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