What is StarkEx?


Deployed on the Ethereum mainnet, StarkEx is a standalone ZK-Rollup SaaS designed to be a permissioned, tailor-made scalability engine for crypto exchanges to fit their specific needs. dApps can build upon StarkEx to support a range of services, including derivatives trading. Specifically, perpetual contracts trading requires rapid price feed updates amongst a variety of trading pairs that is impossible to scale on L1 in terms of speed and cost effectiveness.

StarkEx currently supports ETH, ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens enabling exchanges the ability to provide non-custodial, scalable trading with high liquidity and low costs. Each transaction is first validated off-chain, where a proof for said validation is generated by the StarkEx Prover. The off-chain Prover processes large batches of transactions and generates a STARK proof. Once the STARK proof is finished it is checked by the on-chain Verifier in a few computational steps. Thus, enabling the processing of large computations, off-chain for efficient scaling, to have the computations integrity later validated on-chain with little computation.

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