How to Request a Feature on the GammaX Report Center?


Before you submit a feature request, we encourage you to assess the implementation of the feature on our platform.

Think of:
– Would the integration of this feature make the platform difficult to use;
– Would the integration of this feature create issues and bugs;
– Would the integration of this feature require additional training of users;
– Was this feature requested previously?

If the answer is “yes” to any of the above questions, then please refrain from posting this request as it might be declined by our team. If not, please follow the steps below. We are keen to hear your ideas: .

To request a feature, go to or head to, find the “Feedback” icon in the right bottom corner of the page.

To create a post, simply click on the Cross sign on the Widget, or click on Create Post if you are on the Landing page.

Before posting, we encourage you to check if the same issue or bug has already been reported. This will save us time from sorting similar issues, and our team can focus on fixing the reported bugs

Select the “Request feature” from the Category menu or type in the issue you want to report in a Search field. The system will also propose similar topics when you start creating a post. Make sure to check them to avoid repetitions.

If the feature has not been previously requested, then follow the steps below:

1. Create a short and clear title
Good title: “Please add dynamic PnL coloring”,
Bad title: “Make dashboard better”.

2. Write a clear, detailed description; attaching images of similar features from other platforms would be helpful.
Good description: “Please add a dynamic coloring of the PnL, i.e. if the PnL in the Positions tab is at a profit, then the value of the profit shall be green, if it is a losing trade, then the PnL value should be red.”
Bad description: “This dashboard is hard to use, change it.”

3. Select a relevant category
Please make sure to select the right category, we have a dedicated team for each category. Selecting the wrong category might result in a severe delay in developing the feature or closing this post permanently.

If you encounter a similar issue that was previously reported, please upvote. We do care about all of the issues encountered by our users; however, we prioritize the most upvoted ones.

Please note that duplicate posts will be merged, or the latest similar post will be removed from the system. Posts with an incomplete title and bad description will be automatically closed or removed from the system. Please note that the feature requests should be categorized as “Request features.”

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